Chapter 1. Be, Have, and Do in Fields of Time

1.1. Basic exercises in Fields of Time

1.2. Mind practice


Chapter 2. The verb form ‘will’

2.1. Exercises: 1st & 2nd forms of verbs


Chapter 3. The Simple, the Progressive, and the Perfect

3.1. Auxiliary and head verb roles

3.2. The person ‘you’

3.3. All persons and the Simple, Progressive, or Perfect

3.4. The Simple, Progressive, or Perfect in exercises


Chapter 4. The Simple, Progressive, or Perfect like on a map

4.1. Grammar mapping exercises


Chapter 5. When we say, ask, or deny

5.1. The logic so far

5.2. Practice: simple cues to help put words together

5.3. Practice: more real words

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