Off the Record

You don’t know about me at all, but I can tell I have read that story by Mark Twain, about the boy, Huck Finn. If you like the story too, we could get along, I guess.

Mark Twain wrote his yarn a human way and came out real neat, in the end. This is what we do around here: we talk human, to come out neat. Check us out at if you like, copy and paste.

And well, however big you are and whatever you read, remember not to bond with your nose to it.

12 inches away is reasonable for human eyes. We have made this screen easy for a Big Foot away.

We’re not alone; granny talks grammar too. She likes this avatar; and us, we are a regular Woulden tribe of kids. Welcome.

Granny talks Present Simple

Travel in Grammar obviously is not the only website about grammar, and we may get plenty to read, in books or articles, to manage at school or other language courses. We need to be able to work classic grammar guidance. Let us begin with Oxford Dictionaries for verb tenses. ■→More

From the grapevine

4 of them things

I’ve asked Jim if he believes in witches. He says there sure ain’t any in Vermont where he lives ’cause they can’t fly in snow storms, so they’d need anoraks and goggles till April. ■→More

Vaulters and mergers

If you don’t make it and stumble, you act as in a cloud of well familiar bubbles. You do not look around in amazement: you know they are there. ■→More

3 gloves, to that time

You remember Huck in the woods when he heard that strange noise them ghosts make, when they have something on mind they can’t make themselves understood about. ■→More 

Heebeecheeche and capers

The USA is a huge view and I don’t know about anyone to have visited everywhere in person, so I thought there could be folks into seeing the place. ■→More

Only real strawberries

You might hear you go minus or plus infinity about the number of strawberries, but mind you, the Founding Fathers said you couldn’t owe for strawberries that never existed, so to speak. ■→More

Word natures

The song was as if the guy believed there could be one love for everyone to feel. John said he’d never condescend to such total-it-arian-ism on emotion. He checked out and found Johnny Cash singing it, but that sounded different. ■→More

Our way

Folks, there is always going to be some psychology that people tackle you with. We have seen that so often, that we’ve come to terms with that. We only mind if the thing is pretty.  ■→More