5.3. Practice: real words and real syntax

We follow standard American English, in our verb practice. Feel welcome to Appendix 2 and Appendix 3, for verb regularity.


Exercise 29. All verbs here can be irregular. We can continue practicing abbreviated verb forms, as in Exercise 28.


’m: am    ’re: are    ’s: is    ’ve: have    ’s: has    ’d: had


We can tell abbreviated “is” from “has” only by their contexts, as both get shortened to ’s.


Example: They ‘ve clung.


1. We ’re swimming.


2. It’s shone.


3. You’d gainsaid.


4. She’s eaten.


5. They’d woken.


6. He’s heard.


7. They’re working.


8. She’d spun.


9. It’s crowing.


10. You’ve spoken.


Exercise 30. Let us use our arrows and language logic. We can provide the 2ND and 3RD verb forms. Not every verb in this exercise is irregular. We can write REG next to a regular verb.


Example: She ‘s read.
Answer: TO, the PRESENT; read, read, read


1. We’re drawing.


2. She’s sung.


3. You’d written.


4. You’ve colored.


5. They’ve painted.


6. She’s swinging.


7. It’s ringing.


8. She’s left.


9. I’m dreaming.


10. We’ve played.


Feel welcome to the second part of the language journey.