The Simple Aspect can help tell what there is on the cognitive map, the Progessive about matters in progress, and the Perfect helps express what may happen to a moment in time. The three words — on, in, and to — do not require additional rules and work excellent in real time. More→


Everyone thinks, speaks, or writes in real time. There is not even a moment sometimes to consult a rule or definition — we need a natural and effective way, to manage own grammars. Language MappingTM has proved the best, to me and quite a few other people, because it invokes human natural capability for logic.

You are most welcome to the menus, but if you want a simple test on cognitive mapping in language, try a mild brainteaser. Compare your answers with family, friends, or other people. If the results are consistent, the idea is natural for you, even if it is not well-known: our brainteaser is intuitive. More→

The grammar way may prove most effective step-by-step. Welcome.
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