Towards the time frame

Chapter 6. The Simple versus the Perfect: a frame for grammatical time

6.1. The grammatical time frame, open or closed

6.2. The Simple or the Perfect, the frame and the mapping

6.3. Exercises for the time frame

6.4. Exercises for the frame and variable, ON or TO

6.5. Exercises: the target grammatical time


Chapter 7. The Simple versus the Progressive

7.1. Exercises: the Simple or Progressive, variables ON or IN


Chapter 8. The Perfect Progressive, variable AT

8.1. Earthling basic cognitive variable, ON

8.2. Practice for all Aspects


Chapter 9. Modal verbs

9.1. Modal Present or Past

9.2. The Modal time frame

9.3. Detail on Modal structures

9.4. Modal Relativity practice


Chapter 10. Form relativity galore

10.1. The Conditional or Unreal Past, the time frame

10.2. Form Relativity: the Progressive

10.3. Workout for real-time talk

10.4. More workout for real-time talk