Grapevine: Heebeecheeche and other capers

I don’t believe in travel in time. You see, going some, well, long time back and ago, you’d either have two bodies or you’d have to be wearing diapers back again yourself.

Bob says there ain’t no way he’d care to travel in time. Actually, I don’t know about anyone really interested, and I’ve asked a few folks. Jemma here.

We have thought up a game like we traveled, only with grammar. You can make all you need at home, for the game. The USA is a huge view and I don’t know about anyone to have visited everywhere in person, so I thought there could be folks into seeing the place.

Before you play, see your standing with our brainteaser on the short words ON, IN, TO, and AT.


To see how we could cognitively map in language, let us try a mild brainteaser. If we compare our answers with family, friends, or other people and the results are consistent, the mapping is natural for us, even if the idea has not been well known: our brain-teaser is intuitive. ■→More

We got a grand map of the USA on the wall where we pin winning scores. Each of us has own pin type. We use Google maps.

Wyoming 70 has been Bob’s recent. You can get a satellite here,

For the rules, we just get along. Sometimes, we start more or less in the middle, to get to one of the borders, or we mark a town or city, and we get to it from all over the place. Alice scored enormously with ■→LAKE HEEBEECHEECHE. We agreed to grant super extra points for place names of 4 syllables or longer, and that was just on her way.

You know what regular dice look: 6 sides, each with dots.

This is where Bob is now on Wyoming 70, in Google. You can see the small figure in the lower right corner.

If you get the single dot with your throw, you talk the PRESENT. You can move sideways, that is, go to the left or to the right, or at an angle.

With 2 dots, you talk the PAST, and you have to go the direction you’ve come from. For the FUTURE, 3 dots, you move forward, of course.

Now, imagine the dice is ON and the dot value is 1.

Bob doesn’t want to get off the road, because if he makes two moves on it, he can go all the way ahead it takes.

If he comes up with a ■→VAULTER, he stays on the road.
Bob says,
“John is a negativist”.

John could never agree, but when he denies, he uses the negative, says Bob and stays on the road.

It is only two dots to be strictly the PAST, and three dots for the FUTURE. The other dots count dynamically.

4, 5, or 6 dots count as you interpret them. If you want to make two moves back, because you’ve changed your mind on the route and score, you take 4 dots for twice 2. If you want to go forward and turn, you make it 3 +1.

One dot lets you jump to the nearest mountain peak, lake, river, or town. They score extra.

We use dictionaries and the Internet. I told you about dictionaries, to be selective on them. See the ■→MERRIAM-WEBSTER COLLEGIATE:
“… many American mothers, under the aegis of benevolent permissiveness ⋯ actually neglect their children”.

Folks, there is nothing to waste me more than punishment. Fortunately, mom is a free-thinker, and she’s got real broad intellectual horizons. By the way, we do not take away score, for penalty.

Well guys, set the rules yourselves, and choose what you follow in your dictionary. Take care, Jemma.


Planet Earth has been a natural habitat for millennia. In thousands of years, people to think what there is {ON} a map, have not denied plausibility for places {IN} areas, routes {TO} places, as well as locations {AT} them. Early childhood learning to talk has been getting along with learning to walk. Human postural control…