To see how we could cognitively map in language, let us try a mild brainteaser. If we compare our answers with family, friends, or other people, and the results are consistent, the mapping is natural for us, even if the idea has not been well-known: our brainteaser is intuitive. We have four short words and four patterns.

We try to couple the patterns and the words. One match is done for us:
TO — I have thought.

Here are the four short words:
AT (as at a mark);
TO (as to a place);
ON (as on a ground);
IN (as in an area).

Here we have the four patterns:
A. I think.
It is my opinion that…
Generally, I believe it is…

B. I am thinking.
I am considering now, deliberating
I am wondering, if…

C. I have thought.
It has been some time now, that I reckon;
It has been my opinion that…

D. I have been thinking.
It has been some time now, that I am considering…
It has been some time now I am wondering if…

Feel welcome to the menus, as well as to read