Four corners of the world

To see how we could cognitively map in language, let us try a mild brainteaser. We have four short words and four patterns. We try to couple the patterns and the words. One match is done for us:
TO — I have thought.

Here are the four short words:
AT (as at a mark);
TO (as to a place);
ON (as on a ground);
IN (as in an area).

Here we have the four patterns:
A. I think.
It is my opinion that…
Generally, I believe it is…

B. I am thinking.
I am considering now, deliberating
I am wondering, if…

C. I have thought.
It has been some time now, that I reckon;
It has been my opinion that…

D. I have been thinking.
It has been some time now, that I am considering…
It has been some time now I am wondering if…

Feel welcome to the menus, as well as to read