Grapevine: Word natures

You may have come across this dispute over the word
I don’t necessarily go for many fixes, but some guys like such knacks. Alice here. I’ll be telling on word fixes: af-fixes, pre-fixes, suf-fixes, or in-fixes.

A prefix goes before the word. An infix goes into the word, and a suffix goes after the word.

For example, Bob says we’re all our pre-rebel developmental stage, we’re not even 14, when people usually begin questioning everything or most of the life’s matters, unless they have done it before, as John on some lyrics he recently came across over the Internet.

The song was as if the guy believed there could be one love for everyone to feel. John said he’d never condescend to such total-it-arian-ism on emotion. He checked out and found Johnny Cash singing it, but that sounded different, more as parlor. The other fella sounded like a message.

Well, this anti-dis-establish-ment-arian thing has some fixes that cancel each another: both “anti-” and “dis-” are fixes that deny. To put them together, you are kind of saying no-no-yes.

More, the word to e-stabl-ish is a verb. If we add “-ment”, we get a noun. When we add “-arian”, we make an adjective. “Anti-“ goes mostly with nouns or adjectives, and “dis-“ or “un-“ would go with verbs, but the thing here is sort of double-negated.

Dis-establishmentarian people would be as the ■→FLOWER POWER or ■→HIPPIE guys whose alternative lifestyles in-volv-ed little or no cap-abil-ity for finance. We are con-sider-ate abut our developmental stages, so we have looked through prospects and disestablishment is not our choice. We do not know altru-ist crayon producers, or self-less bakers, and actually, money is good gumpt-ion.

We don’t plan rebelling on good ideas. You could say we are anti-dis-establishmentarian people, or the thing would be boiling down to establishmentarian folks. ■→THE ESTABLISHMENT has gained some bad connotation over time, but the thing has been about ■→ABUSE OF POWER rather than trouble with standards for currency, living, and democracy. There was abuse of power among ■→CAVE PEOPLE or ■→NOMADS as well, I guess.

You see, there is no ■→STAND-ARD without an established ■→HAB-IT for the matter, and the purpose is in having a good ■→MAN-N-ER without ■→AB-USE. In language, we can establish own habits and manner without looking to other people; we’re fine, if we get along with the ■→LANGUAGE STANDARD. Try the idea here:


We sum up on the grammar logic so far, and visualize Time with Aspect — for efficient language habits with target grammatical time. ■→More