USA absolutely basics


The governing body of the American democracy is the Congress. It is composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives, and works in the Capitol Hill, in the picture above.

Many researchers derive democracy from ancient Greece. How does ancient Greece compare with modern America? Ancient Greeks actually developed a proto-democracy: they happened to have kings and queens, depended heavily on military leaders and bequeathed elitism.

There have been no kings or queens of the USA. The head of the state is the President, who resides in the White House.


Washington D.C. is the capital of the USA. District Columbia is on the American East Coast.


The state of Washington is on the West Coast.

We can get maps of the USA at the National Atlas website, NATIONAL ATLAS.GOV.

Washington state got its name after George Washington, the first American president. The state is the only American state named after a president.

There are many places named Washington, in the United States. George Washington remains a prominent figure. He fought for American freedom in the Revolutionary War against England. He was President in years 1789-1797, after the War of Independence.

The Revolutionary War had its written formulation in the Declaration of Independence. The Revolutionary victory brought another historic formulation, the United States Constitution. Feel welcome to the Extras.

United States government was built “from scratch” by the Framers:
The constitutional reallocation of powers created a new form of government, unprecedented under the sun. Every previous national authority either had been centralized or else had been a confederation of sovereign states. The new American system was neither one nor the other; it was a mixture of both, wrote historian Forrest McDonald[40] on the Federalist reflections by James Madison.

The new form of government is democracy, more advanced than Greek prototypes.

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