Teresa Pelka and Language Mapping

When we take up a language course, we think how far or high we can get with the approach the tutors offer. Language Mapping has been good enough to take me, its inventor, through university study of American English. My defended graduation work tells about language learning and use. The Master of Arts level does not have to mark the end of the way.


My name is Teresa Pelka. I was a teacher, I  have worked as  a translator, and I am an author. I have lived in English-speaking countries since 2004.


Altogether, I was a teacher for about ten years. First a home tutor, not every week or even every month, sometimes. Then a school teacher, I earned my state teaching qualification, with my university Master of Arts degree and Language Mapping. My endeavor with linguistics started as a spontaneous invention.


I began inventing my grammar when I was a kid. The grammar books I had did not give me the picture I needed. I could not tell right away, if my idea would work. I realized it did, as I continued studying. I do not have my idea for a discovery. It is an invention. There has been so much talk, “discovering” about the brain. I think we can simply and consciously decide, how we take our grammar. In psychology, we have cognitive mapping for a regular fact. We can make our cognitive maps consciously, too. We can use cognitive mapping for language.

Feel welcome to the grammar walk-through.


More about my education:

I am a graduate of English philology at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. I specialized in American English and language psychology. In year 2000, I defended my Master of Arts thesis, The role of feedback in language processing. It was graded 4, second highest, written and spoken. My graduation work describes human neural and cognitive function for language.

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