Grammar extras

Color code

In our language journey, pronouns and nouns are ink blue. Highlights and mapping extents are forget-me-not, blue. We avoid color red, for the adverse associations that prescriptive opinion on language may bring. ■→More

Language form

We always need to know the language and the context, to see what the language form denotes: a picture of a cat is not a cat. To work on language form and syntax, we can use virtual words. We have two invented verbs, bimmo and thimo, and two invented nouns, phimo and rheemo. We use them only if and when we like. ■→More

Appendix 1

The verb

Appendix 2.

Irregular verbs, vowels high and low

Appendix 3.

Irregular verbs, vowels back and front

Appendix 4.

Word patterns for all Aspects