The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration printer, John Dunlap, used a Caslon font and a print layout that capitalized nominals, that is, nouns and forms to derive from them with big, capital letters. Feel welcome to free poster replicas.


The Constitution

We can comprehend the word constitution as “a bond of solemn obligation, which the whole enters into, to support the right of every separate part”.
Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE.


The Bill of Rights

The Bill and Amendments answer legal controversies:
“The conferring members being met, let their business be to frame a Continental Charter, or Charter of the United Colonies; (answering to what is called the Magna Charta of England)”.
Thomas Paine, COMMON SENSE.


The absolutely basics about the USA



Many researchers derive democracy from ancient Greece. How could we compare ancient Greece and modern America? Ancient Greeks actually developed a proto-democracy: they happened to have kings and queens, depended heavily on military leaders and bequeathed elitism.


The Flag

There is a code of conduct concerning the Flag. The FEDERAL CODE offers guidelines.


The Anthem

Feel welcome to a manuscript by Francis Scott Key.


The US Great Seal

Charles Thomson, the secretary of the Continental Congress, designed the Seal and formed the mottos. He never provided a translation of the Latin phrases.


The American bald eagle

Not everyone was happy with the choice of the eagle for a national symbol. “For my own part, I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen the representative of our country”, wrote Benjamin Franklin in one of his letters.


Voluntary extra practice

The practice asks questions on US civics.