Chapter 3. Time is like a river

In everyday language, we can speak about the flow of time, a course, or current of events. Let us try to imagine a River of Time.


River of time looking stormy


The River of Time may be turbulent, but it is not always as bad.


We can travel across the river using the Stones of Time. The stones acquired their luster in the fast run of time. Initially, when we only begin language work in a perspective, we may speak or write slower than later, when the language and the perspective belong well with our skills. We may feel we need more time to put our thoughts together. The Stones of Time can help us manage.


Stone of time


The river is imagined and the stones are imagined. We can picture there are word patterns that show with the stones. They tell combinations of words. We need to use the combination before we have the stone in our passage.


Patterns to show with Stones of Time


Let us think if we can see anything familiar in the patterns and draw conclusions.




There are our core verbs, will, be, and have in our patterns. They are the same as in our Fields of Time. We can recur to Chapter 1 and compare.


School-wise, our Fields are the grammatical PRESENT, PAST, and FUTURE. The grammar labels for the language patterns are the Simple, the Progressive, and the Perfect.




Let us reorganize our observations in a picture.


Auxiliary and Aspect


We do not need a special approach for grammatical time, in American or English generally. The grammatical PRESENT, PAST or FUTURE can be our time extents we keep the same for all languages we speak. Only the verbal ways in which we express or address our grammatical PRESENT, PAST or FUTURE would vary.


Feel welcome to further journey.
3.1. The grammatical Aspect


Link 3.1. The grammatical Aspect


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