Chapter 2. The future needs the present

We have viewed the word will together with our core words, be, have, and do, in the Field for the grammatical FUTURE. We can turn back to Chapter 1.




How can we envision the word will on its own? Let us try to see the word will together with all our Fields of Time.




We can say will be, will have, and will do, in our FUTURE Field. What do we say for will itself? We do not say,




There is no such standard language pattern. Our FUTURE Field for the verb form will is blank.




Should we let this make us confused? Let us reason what language form is. Different languages have different ways to name objects of thought. For example, we can say a dog in English. In German, we can say ein Hund. In French, we can say un chien. In Greek, we could say σκυλος. In Russian, we could say собака. All these words have different forms, but they refer to or indicate the same object that we name a dog in English.




In the picture above, we can see Jemma’s dog, Buddie. We would not have Buddie for a hot dog (!)


Hot dog


We can say that will is a present form, but we have standard language patterns in which it maps on the FUTURE.




Let us compare all core words for the PRESENT, PAST, and FUTURE.




Our core words are verbs. A verb is a word saying what we do, what others do, or what happens.


The form of the verb may tell if we refer to the PRESENT, FUTURE, or the PAST. We can use the forms to show whether we map on the present, future, or past Field of Time.


The verb WILL can map on the FUTURE already in its PRESENT form.




Time to exercise our natures (!)
2.1. Word practice in the Fields

Link 2.1. Word practice in the Fields of Time

Link -- Read this in a Slavic language, Polish


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