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The book and the grammar method have not been sponsored or corroborated by any organization, as well as any individual. The content is the responsibility of the author, Teresa Pelka.


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The book and the grammar method have not solicited and will not ever require any experimentation. The method reflects on the author’s own language acquisition and learning to have involved graduated university studies. The bibliography comes with Part Four of the series.


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Travelers in Grammar Copyright © Teresa Pelka, 2010
Second Edition 2016
All rights reserved. The author reserves the right of translation.


ISBN 978-1470066574, 978-1445729015, 978-1499270983, 978-1445773292


BISAC: Education / Bilingual Education

US Library of Congress registered,
TX 7-497-087
TX 7-648-439
The claim excludes public domain materials, photographs.


The use of the American flag theme on the grammar books covers is to enhance recognition and promotion of American English in language study. The grammar approach is not a temporary design, and flags have been in use for grammar courses in many languages.


Regarding disputes and controversies over Aristotle’s works, Teresa Pelka does not endorse all translations or renditions. Aristotle lived circa 384 BC – 322 BC. There are no autographs, that is, original manuscripts of his work preserved. Existent versions are used in this book series selectively and for thought exercise strictly.


Teresa Pelka cannot provide for sustained validity of the website or email addresses enclosed with the work.




Travelers in Grammar Part One


Travelers in Grammar Part Two


Chapter One
The verbs BE, HAVE, DO


Chapter Six
Comparison between the Present Perfect and Past Simple


Chapter Two
The verb form WILL


Chapter Seven
Stative use of verbs: words for the heart and mind


Chapter Three

Time is like a river

The Aspects: Simple, Progressive, and Perfect


Chapter Eight

Alchemy of time for beginners

The Perfect Progressive tense Aspect


Chapter Four

Time rambles different with different people

Language economy: the Simple, Progressive and Perfect mapped with prepositions ON, IN, and TO


Chapter Nine

To tell the fashion in valuable time …

Modal verbs


Chapter Five

Let us make own paths with time

The Affirmative, the Interrogative, and the Negative combined with Aspect mapping and symbolics


Chapter Ten

There is grammar relativity in time galore

The Conditional, Unreal Past, or linguistic Form Relativity


Appendix 1

Verb forms and use

The verb as a speech part


Key to exercises


Appendix 2

Irregular verbs

High and low vowel qualities in the sound pattern


Journey planner


Appendix 3

Irregular verbs

Back and front vowel qualities in the sound pattern




Key to exercises





Journey planner


  • Travelers in Grammar parts 1-4

Beginner to the Upper Intermediate level, the language scope is indispensable to live, work,
and move about in English speaking countries without the hindrances of language deficit.


  • Advanced Travel in Grammar

Stock market analyses, literary presentations, or science news, advanced language skills may be useful in everyday life.


  • The Proficient Traveler in Grammar

Academic levels of language do not have to be theoretical only, or pertain with university premises.


  • A Grammar Travel for Tests and Exams

Language success is about learning as well as strategies to attain favorable results.


  • Travel in Grammar: the Whole Journey

The gist of language mapping can be more suitable for those experienced in language.

All the work evolves around progress in language command. Language command is not about giving or receiving orders. It is the actual ability to comprehend as well as produce written or spoken language independently and according with standards of grammatical correctness. Feel also welcome to my defended language thesis, The Role of Feedback in Language Processing.


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