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To varied extents, all grammar books are stories. Their definitions and rules gain efficiency only when people get to know them and work with them. This story does not have rules: it has concepts and ideas. The story does not promise to tell the truth, with an important regard: there is not even one method in the world to work always and for all minds.

However, we can say after Mark Twain, whose writings are of reference in our grammar venture: If the story is good for you, it can be your true friend. Our learner strategies have already worked.

Feel welcome to see the information. The work is registered with the Library of Congress: TX 7-497-087, TX 7-648-439.


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Parameters and behaviorism

I am unable to develop any fondness for the term ‘device’. Devices have external operability in their connotations, and such governance over speech could not be the human ideal.

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Form can’t be empty. You bet. A todas luces.

‘Form can’t be empty!’ Right. Invented words yet are not totally empty.



Try something

Teachers, authors, and grammar books may vary considerably on naming language structures. Some will reject the Conditional completely. We yet can use the label to avoid having to tell someone, if you were you, I would not think quite like I were in your shoes

‘It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.’

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, American President


Grammar – why think about space?

‘No, no, no, no!’ another might shout. ‘Not the language of Chaucer and Shakespeare! Four prepositions? Ridiculous! Language is an art, metaphor, and abstract ideation!’

Indeed, there would be people to think they know better what is good for others. However, in this world to be supposed to be free, especially as regards speech and publication, students should be allowed to choose.



  1. this is really neet ,Im need to check this out alote better when its not so late,this your friend on meetme,mister nice guy

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    • Hope u enjoy’d ur visit, comments welcome :)

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